Monday, July 18, 2011

La Campaña 2011 :: Day 3

Sunday was another beautiful day with great services! It was also very HOT, but we managed! It was really great to have Bro. Rigoberto Vasquez with us this weekend, and once again, he did a great job preaching.

The small crew from the Motozintla church were not able to attend on Sunday, but we still had a decent crowd with some visitors. Below is a view of the adults listening to the message.

The children all went to Sunday School during the message.

We enjoyed another good meal in between the morning and afternoon services. This little girl thinks the food is 'finger lickin' good!! =)

Parker finally gave in and decided to sleep during the afternoon service.

We decided to take some group pics after the afternoon service. The below pic is of Michael and Bro. Rigo with the guys from Tapachula and Santo Domingo who are currently studying to become pastors.

From staggered left to right: Guadalupe, Benjamin, Bro. Rigo, Antonio, Michael, Abdi, Humberto

Below is Michael and I with the group of men who are studying, along with their wives. (All except Abdi - he's still looking!) They're a great group of people.

And then Bro. Rigo had a great plan to have all the women that were still there to get a photo taken. Michael (who took this picture) asked all the women to open their mouths so he could take a final pic...after questioning looks, smiles, and comments...this is the result! After the pic, Michael told them that this was just a natural look - women have their mouths open talking all the time! =) Although, I can tell you that this is NOT true in our household!! Ha! Ha! =)

All in all, it was a great weekend! The Lord's presence came and met with us, several people re-committed their lives to the Lord, we had several new visitors, great fellowship, and it did not rain at all! And even though we're unable to attend our "home" campmeetings in the U.S., these weekend meetings really felt like a "real" campmeeting to us! I think we'll make this a yearly event!

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow in my [Just a Glimpse] post, I'll try to post a few pictures from the more relaxed events of today.

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