Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cavalcade of Champtions!

This past week was pretty low-key for us, but on Saturday, we were able to do something exciting!

Cavalcade of Champions
Drum & Bugle Corps Competition
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA

Rooke Chapel on Bucknell campus. A beautiful piece of architecture.

Special feature of the event....the U.S. Marines Drum & Bugle Corps. They were absolutely stunning! Their precision and sound is incredible!

The color guard of the "The Hawthorne Caballeros".

One of the assistant drum majors.

Well, not much else to report. We leave on Tuesday for the state of Washington. It is only half of a vacation because we will also be singing for a camp meeting. We will be gone two depending on the internet situation out there, you probably won't hear from me for a while. We will hopefully get to the Seattle Zoo and also sight-see around Mt. Rainier National Park. In all my travels, I've come to the conclusion that Washington is my favorite state...the pictorial views are incredible. It's definitely some of "God's Country"!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Week...

This past Wednesday night, we had a deputation service at Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church. It was a wonderful privilege to have the Doug Hoffman family stop in and show their support! We admire them greatly and appreciate all their advice and encouragement as we are just starting our journey in missions!

Other than our service, the only other "major" thing that happened this week is the work we're doing on our CD project. We did some more recording (hopefully we'll finish that this coming week) and we also dropped our graphics info off with Jon Plank. Below are a few pictures we took with our own camera that will probalby be included with our project in some form or fashion!

Tomorrow, we head for the York and Hanover GMC churches for a missions service. Hopefully, I'll have more pics coming...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Due to the fact that we had a deputation service Wednesday night, we celebrated the 4th by ourselves. We were even going to picnic outside...but after I had toted half of the stuff out to the picnic table, we decided to move it back indoors, for fear of rain! Oh well, the food was good (if I say so myself!) and it was relaxing to have most of the day off!

Here are some pictures of the kids!