Sunday, July 17, 2011

La Campaña 2011 :: Day 2

It was another good day! We started off the morning by meeting Pastor Javier (from Motozintla) at a restaurant in town for some breakfast, although by the time we got there, most of us decided to order lunch food. Good food - good fellowship!

We all went different directions in the afternoon. Michael had to take a family an hour out of town to pick up the man's work money. Bro. Rigo and his wife went with Bro. Javier out to see the ocean, and I spent the afternoon at home, baking some of those cookies I was telling you about, and preparing all of our stuff for the evening service.

I didn't take many pictures last night of the campmeeting per se, but we had another wonderful service packed full of people. God's presence came and met with us once again.

I love the pictures below of Parker with one of his buddies! He was acting very goofy...he would close his eyes and then open them and giggle - so cute!

(click on the picture to enlarge)

Check back tomorrow for more pictures from Day 3 of our campmeeting!

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Michelle Durkee said...

Aw!! Love the pictures of Parker. He's getting so big and cute. Glad you had a great camp. Keep posting. Love ya'll!