Sunday, September 30, 2007


Thanks to my sister, I now have been tagged!! But...due to my busy life, that will have to wait until another sorry...!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Pictures

We recently got our family pictures done so we could have updated prayer cards for our missions display.

Check out our prayer card also.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally - Kyle's Birthday Party!!

In my post from Washington, I mentioned Kyle had his 2 yr. old birthday, but that we wouldn't be able to have his party until later. Well...due to wacky family schedules, that didn't happen until last Monday!

Kyle really enjoyed his "Thomas the Train" Cake. I must confess that I made it. Due to my wonderful procrastination...I didn't start it until the day of...and therefore I have a less than perfect cake. But hey, Kyle liked it and that's all that mattered!! I was having problems with my icing not being thick enough, but being in a hurry, I just kept right on decorating! (I'll make sure the pictures aren't close up, that way all you "professionals" can't critique too much)!!!

Watch out! A gun from Aunt Brenda and Kyle thinks he's a big hunter shooting buck, or so he says!

And then, my Mom took great delight in buying this wooden train for Kyle. It has quite a few detachable pieces...she says that people bought many piece toys for her kids and now it's payback time. Thanks Mom!

Happy Belated Birthday, Kyle!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally...a post!!!

I's been forever since I've posted. Our lives have definitely been busy. I'll try to catch you up a little.

Right in the midst of our yard sales and then moving, our mailbox had a tragic accident! I was working in the house when I heard a terrible noise outside, and worried that something had happened to Michael coming in from work, I went out to investigate. It was two teenage boys getting out of their car to go look at my mailbox which was laying on its side. I did ask them what happened..."We came around the corner too fast and slid into your mailbox." Oh brother!

I did mention in my last post about the yard sale we were getting ready to have. It was only semi-profitable (seeing as how we lived in the busy metropolis of Penns Creek)!! We decided to have another one the following Saturday, only this time, at our friends house in New Berlin. The town was hosting Heritage Days, so we figured we would have more know, get rid of more stuff!! It was an "ok" yard sale...blazing hot with humidity and not much of our larger furniture items selling. So now, the remainder of our yard sale stuff is sitting in my Mom and Dad's garage waiting for yet another yard sale at their place - hopefully this Saturday!

And then, we managed to move. We officially no longer live in the mobile home outside Penns Creek, but with my grandfather in New Columbia. What an experience, in all areas! I still have stuff sitting in boxes waiting to be sorted because I ran out of time before we had to be out of our house. Since my grandfather's place is well lived in by him, we've about maxed out any available space with our "stuff"! And it's just fun to chase a 2-year old around the house all day...Kyle is finding great pleasure in getting into just about everything!!

Moving my piano onto my dad's trailer.

There it goes...back to my Mom & Dad's house.Thanks to Michael, my dad, Dan Durkee, Derek McIntire and Matt Ellison who helped in some way to move the piano.

And then, saying goodbye to the place we called home the last 5 years! Maybe in a later post, I'll show a picture of my grandfather's house where we are currently staying. Right now, he's getting his roof re-done.
I guess this sums up most of what we've been doing recently. Now that we're semi-settled, I should be able to post more!!!!!!!