Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kyle Turns "5"

Happy 5th Birthday to Kyle!!!!

Since we're in the middle of Penns Creek Camp, we decided just to have a little birthday celebration with family in the cafeteria after service tonight. But come to think of it, it's kind of fitting! Five years and one night ago, my water broke while eating in the cafeteria after service. It was slightly embarrassing, but ultimately exciting, as we knew our firstborn would soon be making his appearance. And sure enough, he did! July 30th, 2005 @ 5:29 p.m., 8 lbs. 2oz. and 20" long. We're so thankful that God chose to bless us with Kyle!

We love you, buddy, and can't wait to see what all God has planned for you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Playing "Catch-Up"

So, I guess it's no secret that I'm terribly behind on this blog. Now the only problem that remains is catching up on the past two months...

We've been enjoying the addition of Baby Parker in our lives! He just turned three months old and is starting to give us a glimpse of his personality. He has slept through the night since he was 2-3 days old, he likes to smile as long as his belly is full :-) and he prefers to stick two or three of his fingers in his mouth instead of using a pacifier. He's a very good baby, and we all (including his big brothers) love him very much!

10 weeks
Too cute @ 3 months!

As far as ministry related items...

1) We have held 13 deputation services already and have quite a few scheduled for this fall. We've enjoyed seeing familiar faces and making new acquaintances and sharing how the Lord has been helping in Southern Mexico.

2) We have also been doing a lot of "fill-in" work while here at home (Central PA).

: : Michael helped train the instrumental group from Penn View the last few weeks of May due to the injury of Mr. Lucas Shrout's daughter.: : Our home church (New Columbia GMC) had a cancellation for their VBS, so we "filled-in." Thanks to Michael's family, we had props, songs, verses, and ideas all ready to go! We had excellent attendance with an average of 90-100 kids nightly. Our theme was "Set Free" and Michael did a wonderful job doing all the up front stuff. Since I'm not an "up front" kind of person, I played the piano and did the "behind the scenes" work.

: : We ended the VBS on a Friday night, and then started singing at Mt. of Blessings Camp Meeting on Saturday...(yep, due to a few cancellations!) Although it was physically tiring, our souls were refreshed sitting under the ministry of Bro. Leonard Sankey and Bro. Rick Maloyed. We are so thankful for the presence of the Lord meeting with us at camp.

After camp meeting, we decided the kids (and ourselves) could use a small break from the norm, so we headed to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. It was SUPER HOT that day, but we all had a fun time anyway.

Neither Parker nor the alpaca were too impressed with this photo op. :-)

Well, that pretty much brings us up-to-date. We are looking forward to being able to attend Penns Creek Camp Meeting starting a week from today. After that, we have a family vacation planned, and then we start into our fall deputation schedule in late August.

And hopefully, I'll try to keep this poor blog a little more updated.......!