Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This -n- That

I wanted to post some pictures of friends we have been able to visit while on our trip. Unfortunately, I didn't get very many pictures, so I will link you to a few you did take pictures!

Let's see...

We stayed in Pell City, AL for over a week and were able to visit with Andy & Julie Schultz. Michael and Andy were in the same grade of school at Penn View from kindergarten through 4 yrs. of college. Andy was also my neighbor. We had a great time with them. Check out their blog here for pictures.

Below is a picture of Naaman & Katie Thrasher. We went out to eat and spent the night at their place. We had them in choir at Penn View and Katie and I were really good friends. It was so good to see them again!!

And then, we met up with Gene and Angie Davis in Indy. What a blast! We ate at Cracker Barrel and then left the men to watch the kids while we went shopping! Of course, I forgot my camera, so click here to see Angie's blog for pictures! Thanks for the great time!!!

While in Indy, we also met up with Mike Peck and part of his family. (Unfortunately, Tracy was sick and stayed at home with Benjamin.) We went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and had an enjoyable time letting the kids explore and have some fun!! I did take my camera, so here are a few pictures.

Kyle enjoyed sliding in the Curious George place.

Taylor riding the carousel.

Daddy & Kyle riding a slide.

The beautiful "Fireworks of Glass" exhibit.


Well, our trip is winding down. We are VERY excited! We have a service Wed. night in Ohio, then we head home on Thursday!!! YEAH!! We have been gone since Jan. and are very anxious to see our family and just stay in one place for awhile. (Actually, we will only have two weeks or so before we leave for Mexico!) Things will be getting busy in a few days as we finish our packing and do last minute odds & ends to prepare for our move. We're sad to be leaving family, but happy to do the will of the Lord. Keep us in your prayers!!

Just a cute picture of Taylor...

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Pictures From Our Travels

We haven't been able to get great wireless access in some of the places we've been staying, apologies for not updating sooner!

We've also been passing the "sick bug" around in our family. I've been trying to get over a sore throat and enlarged tonsils for about a week now. Seems to be getting better (except for a pesky cough)! Taylor had the runny nose and cough thing...he's pretty congested, so the doctor put him on antibiotics. Kyle ended up with an ear infection in BOTH, he's on antibiotics! And now, Michael has a fever and generally just feeling lousy!


Here are two recent pictures of the kids.

Taylor has started crawling and pulling himself up...I have a feeling, life will soon become more interesting!!!

Kyle's newest thing is "WHY?????" When we tell him to do something... "WHY?" Most of the time I try to give him answers or explanations, but sometimes, it's like, "Because I said so...!"

A couple of weeks ago when we were driving through Orlando, FL, we saw the message below being written in the sky. It was very interesting to watch. Michael & I were wondering if it's truly effective. Would somebody be touched enough, to seek out a church? What do you think?

Before we left the sunny skies of FL, we were able to stay a day with Michael's Great-Uncle Butch. He and his wife live right on the bay connected to Fort Walton Beach. The water was beautiful and very relaxing!

Uncle Butch and his wife, Wani.
Their house is below. We stayed in the bungalow attached to the main house.