Monday, September 28, 2009

Pony Rides

You never know what great fun can be had when you attend our church!

Our neighbor periodically brings horses over to graze at various places in our backyard. This past week, it was an old pony. After church last night, Jared decided to give our kids a pony ride...imagine our surprise when we looked out the window! I ran to get my camera, because it was just too cute!

(Please excuse the blurriness of the pictures...I'm still trying to figure out what's up with my camera.)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recent Misc. Pictures

Meet the newest member of our family!!
This is our German Shepherd puppy, "Minka".
She's a super good dog and we have really been enjoying her!

[Minka @ 9 weeks]
[Minka @ 12 weeks]

Mommy and Kyle
(I'm not sure what's up with all of these goofy expressions!)
(Sorry there are no pics of Taylor...I can't get him to stay still long enough, or get my camera to cooperate with clear pictures...maybe next time!)

Michael was asked to speak at an area church the other Wednesday night. It is a small Spanish church held in a plaza. The Lord came and helped us as we sang and as Michael preached.
Michael preaching

Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm Long Overdue...

...for a blog post, that is!

It's hard to believe a month has passed already since my last post! We had a wonderful Vacation Bible School here with lots of new faces.

We also really appreciated having a youth team from the Richfield, PA Evangelical Methodist Church come down and do the actual Bible School for us, plus they helped with so many other things!!! Since Michael and I both started school that same week, we were very thankful for the team being here!

Considering we normally run around 25 people total in our little church, we decided to set a goal of having 40 children one night during the VBS. We had been advertising at our little stand at the Flea Market and also did some door-to-door calling. We all volunteered to bring people or pick them up if they needed a ride.

And so, we're very happy to report that we reached our goal!! Two nights in a row, we had over 40 children and almost 70 people total!!! Our church is really small, and we were very crowded, but we loved every minute of it!

Michael had told the children if they reached the goal, whoever had the most points from VBS, would get to throw a whipped cream pie in his face Saturday night at our little cookout.

Needless to say, our Vacation Bible School was a "smashing" success! It was a privilege to share the gospel with these children and we're praying the Lord will lead them back through our church doors again.

One of the nights of VBS

Some of the kids enjoying food from our cookout

Michael getting whipped cream pie in his face

The youth team from Richfield, Pa, plus two of our own youth who helped a lot with the VBS.