Monday, July 4, 2011

Kyle's Kindergarten Graduation

This past Saturday evening, before our regular church prayer time, we were finally able to have a small graduation service for Kyle.

Kyle successfully completed all his work for kindergarten a few weeks ago! He has learned to read and write and he really enjoys his math work. And I would also say his Daddy has done a pretty good job of homeschooling him this past semester!

We were wanting to do something special for him since he wasn't able to graduate from Penn View with his classmates from first semester. The service was simple, but Kyle thought it was special and enjoyed all the "hoopla" involved.

And of course, we're in the middle of rainy season here, so photo ops were limited...but an umbrella definitely painted a picture of the current weather! And Kyle at least thought it was fun. While I, on the other hand, was having trouble trying to hold the umbrella and a big heavy camera and get clear shots!

Kyle receiving his diploma from Daddy.

I had made a whoopie pie cake to serve after the service. This is Paulita, one of Kyle's church friends, enjoying her piece of cake.

And this is a family picture of us - albeit, a little blurry! =)



Barry Mason said...

Beautiful pictures for a "Special" event. I love the picture with the
umbrella. Colors and tilt of umbrella - artistic.

Kara Plank said...

Your little man is growing up on ya! :) Love all the pictures! Congrats, Kyle!

Michelle Durkee said...

Congrats to a very special little boy. We miss him (and his daddy, mommy, and brothers) greatly. Glad you were able to have a special service for him, he won't forget it.

Love ya'll!

The Dickinsons said...

Congrats!!! So glad you were able to find a cap and gown for him. =) I too loved the picture with the umbrella...very cute!