Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Seminar Pics

Just a few pics from today's morning service.

Telling a children's story.

Playing the concentration game.

The adults were enjoying the children's service too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guests, Earthquakes, and Seminars!

They've arrived!  Welcome Mason's! 
We have some happy little boys in our house right now!  =)

Last evening and this morning were spent running around for supplies for the Child Evangelism seminar.  We also had a 6.3 earthquake rock our world for about 30 seconds today!  (Check this link for the details.)  I was at Walmart when it happened, and the shelves were just swaying back and forth.  I heard some glass falling off of shelves and breaking, and then I saw where some food jars/bags had fallen off of shelves and broke.  But other than maybe a few minor things, it appeared that the rest of the city had no major damage.

Despite the excitement of the day, our seminars started this evening, and we had a decent turnout with our people and also some visitors from a local pentecostal church.

Some girls helping with the song, "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus."

"Whisper a Prayer in the..."

Parker enjoying some cookies and drink during a break.

Father and son doing an excellent job teaching.

Gertie helping with the song, "Oh be careful little ears..."

The B-I-B-L-E

Tomorrow we're looking forward to a morning service for the children, and then more seminar sessions in the afternoon, complete with hands-on training!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something that made me smile today!   =)

Taylor's lego creation...complete with a man up in that car who is no doubt
hanging on for dear life!!!  Don't you love kids' imaginations?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today...I'm admiring the beautiful blue sky!

I'm also thankful for electricity!  Last week around two in the morning, a transformer blew, and we were literally, "in the dark."  It was a very miserable night to say the least!!  No air conditioner to keep us from sweating, and no option to open the windows for a breeze.  (The windows are boarded up to keep out the sun and also to provide a frame for the air conditioner.)  And with the above mentioned things, it was pitch black...and I'm a gotta-have-my-night-light sort of gal!  =)  At any rate, we all survived!

Today...I'm also taking pics of Parker.  He's too cute and growing up too fast!  At 21 months, he has finally mastered the art of walking!  He's been ABLE to do it for a few months, but has never WANTED to do it consistently without our command, until now.

Today...I'm also thinking how long it's been since I last posted!  And so, I'm working on a post about our special New Year's Eve service in Santo Domingo.  Hopefully I'll get that up on the blog soon.

Today...I've got some excited kids!  Why?  Because their Pappy and Grandma Mason are coming to visit on Friday!  While here, they (the Mason's) will be holding two separate Child Evangelism seminars in our churches.  Michael has been working hard in translating the different session materials and handouts, and the Mason's have been working hard creating visualized songs and helps, etc...  We're looking forward to a busy, yet fun time together!

And this, my blog friends, is some of my thoughts today.  And now, I best go get things ready for our prayer meeting/Bible study tonight!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve Service

Once again this year, we held a special New Year's Eve service in Santo Domingo.  It was also a special service in which we celebrated our "new church."  The building you see below, was given to us to use for church - free of charge.  We just have to pay the electric and water, etc...

The people there have lots of plans for this building, but for Sat. night, we were just happy to be in our own building, instead of someone's house.

We were thankful that some of our Tapachula church people as well as some local visitors were able to come.  The service was filled with God's presence.

A very sweet man from Santo Domingo.  Hno. Benjamin helped lead in the service.  He is also currently studying in our Institute Bible classes to become a pastor.

Would you like to listen in as the people sing a praise chorus?


And then, we sang.  You'll notice the below picture (that Kyle took) holds some very interesting faces!  =)  That piece of music Michael is holding was originally laying on the piano, but between the fact the lighting was very dim, and that although I can read Spanish very well, but don't always know what I'm saying, I simply couldn't see a thing and had now idea what words came next.  We ended up quitting the song with some laughter, then Michael tried holding the music - which was almost as bad because he couldn't hold his hands by the third song, he got to sing a solo!!!