Friday, July 15, 2011

La Campaña 2011 :: Day 1

Our weekend campmeeting started tonight. I thought maybe I would try to share a little each evening of how our services went.

(And please excuse these fact, I'm almost embarrassed to post them. I was holding Parker in one arm for most of them, and was using my older camera in the other hand...hence, the VERY blurry pictures! Hope you get the idea anyway!)

We about filled our little church up to the brim. I didn't take a head count, but I'm guessing there were about 60-70 people there. The churches represented were: our congregations here in Tapachula and Santo Domingo (plus some local visitors), as well as a crew from the church in Motozintla.

I stepped across the road and took this picture of the whole scene.

Some of the ladies at our church decided to set up a little food stand for after service. The proceeds will go towards the campaña expenses.

Enjoying some yummy quesadillas!

We had a good service tonight (minus a few sound system issues)...and we're looking forward to tomorrow night to see how the Lord will come and meet with us again!

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Barry Mason said...

Very interesting post. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. We are praying for you this weekend.