Saturday, August 2, 2008

Picnic at the Lake

Today we went on a picnic with Philip and Collette and their guests...Marjorie Alexander, Margaret Velazquez and son, Jared. We went to the beautiful lake we had scouted out last week. Minus the bugs, it was very relaxing and a lot of fun. Here are a few random pictures from the day.

Our borrowed picnic facility.


The view from where we ate.

Miss Marjie reading her book.

Kyle...enjoying the animals nearby.

Taylor...happy about something...!

Simply Collette.
(hopefully she doesn't kill me for this - I think it's a great photo!!)

Philip and Collette


A Group Photo


AIM said...

Nice pics Crystal! Looks like you had a nice time.

Julie Schultz said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one of Kyle with the horse in the background. That turned out very well!

Anonymous said...

Crystal, you're dead meat!!


Jeremy said...
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sankey family said...

Looks like you all had a fun time - the pics brought back happy memories of similar outings with the Burches - love to you all!