Monday, August 18, 2008

Today in Pictures - III

Friday's Agenda:
- We finally ate at a taco stand, "Tacos Roy"
- Went to the monument "Pipila", but it was raining, so we didn't stay
- Went to Cristo Rey (click here to see more pictures and the details of this religious monument)
- Drove to Leon (and sat in a 1-1/2 hour traffic jam, due to....not much...well actually, it's because people make a three lane highway into five and then have to come back down to two lanes...VERY ANNOYING!!
- So after sitting in traffic, we were very hungry and upon our arrival in Leon, we ate at Sirloin Stockade for a wonderful buffet. (More to this story, below)

(Above) The taco stand

(Above) Fixin' our food. Notice on the left the pork on the spit with the pineapple on top. Tacos made with this are called "Tacos al pastor". I think these are Michael's favorite....I'm into the pollo (chicken) thing.

(Above) This man was going to town choppin' the onions! They normally serve diced onions and cilantro with their tacos. Oh yeah, salsa, too.

(Above) Tacos al pastor.

(Above) The view from our parking spot at the Pipila.

(Above) A sanctuary (? for lack of a better term) at Cristo Rey. Notice the crown of thorns that runs around this circular room. Also, there was a nun sitting there...not sure what she was doing...!

(Above) Another family photo - taken at Cristo Rey.

An interesting side note: Not too long before this picture, Michael slipped on some marble steps and sat down very hard! He's still feeling the after-shocks! (Too bad it was painful, because it was also a little funny! I think Michelle took a picture...)

(Above) Kyle. Check out the shirt his Aunt Michelle got him...I like it!

(Above) The buffet.

And now for the story. All of us were enjoying our food at this buffet...except Taylor. Now this is very unusual. Taylor is ALWAYS ready to eat - NO exceptions! He started crying like something was hurting him, so Kay suggested I loose his belt on the highchair. Well, I just decided to pick him up....and, then he proceeded to puke all over ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Uuggghhhhh! What a mess! We had to carry him through the food lines to get to the bathroom! We stripped him down...unfortunately, that wouldn't work for me. So, my shirt got totally soaked trying to wash it off so I could wear it out of the restaurant! Thankfully, Michelle was so kind to help me in this clean-up. What a memory!!


Kara Plank said...

I really like the family picture (and any others that don't include mummies that look like they were killed while being tortured...creepy!) Poor Taylor!

Springer Family said...

Don't ya love when puking takes place at the wrong times! (well, there never is a 'right' time but anyway...this from someone with lots of experience in this area right now!)

Beth Stetler said...

The pictures of the tacos al pastor made me hungry. The puking story fixed that, though! :-)