Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Today is Kyle's Birthday! It's hard to believe he is 3 years old already!! Where has the time gone?

Kyle has always been such a pleasant little guy. He enjoys talking very much (he gets that from his daddy, you know?) and has always kept us entertained with the things he says!! The other day at the table we were pretending we didn't know his name and so we asked him if (?) was his name, and he said "no". I finally asked him just what was his name and he said matter of factly, "Dan Durkee". It was very comical at the time! Kyle is a very social person and loves playing with other kids. He also likes to help me with whatever I'm doing (sometimes to my chagrin!). He likes to spend time with his daddy reading books, but his favorite activity is pretending to go on big hunting trips. You don't think he's related to his Uncle Dan do you?

We have been so blessed to have Kyle in our lives. He's a wonderful gift of God. We pray that he will allow his tender heart to be given to Jesus at a young age and then grow up to serve the Lord!

We Love You, buddy!! We wish you many more happy birthdays!

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We tried doing a small photo shoot outside today. It was a little bit too bright and it's hard to see the color of his eyes, but, oh well! Since I can't take them to Sears, this will have to do. He's turning into a handsome little man, eh?!

Exactly what he thought about this whole photo session!


sankey family said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! I love your pictures.

Kara Plank said...

Happy Birthday Kyle! Well you made it through "the terrible two's" now it's time for the "thrilling three's". (Don't you love how the books label stages!?) He lookes like a little man in that shirt!