Monday, August 18, 2008

Today in Pictures - IV

Saturday's Agenda:
- Went back to the Pipila and enjoyed the surrounding view
- Went to the grocery store, MEGA
- Went to the beautiful 'Casa Colorado' for supper
- Rode the cable car down into the heart of the city
- Walked around downtown, listened to a few mariachi bands, and then walked down to look at Michael's school
- Went back to MEGA for a few things we (okay, I) forgot!

(Above) The Pipila

(Above) Casa Colorado - hotel and restaurant

(Above) A horrible picture...but maybe it will give you an idea of how beautiful the view was from where we ate. We had our own personal room to dine in with two wall sized windows and a balcony.

(Above) The beautiful grounds at Casa Colorado

(Above) Smiling for the camera - Michelle and Kay

(Above) Looking down from our cable car.

Note: I did not take many pictures downtown. Maybe sometime soon I'll go on a photo shoot and show you more of where we live. There are some beautiful building here.


sankey family said...

It looks like you're having an awesome time! Love all these pictures of central Mexico. It's fun to look at them because I've been to some of these places!

Joy said...

Looks like you all are enjoying yourselves and squeezing lots of fun in. Your pictures are beautiful! Looks like a great place to vacation. We finally have a blog if you want to check it out, but it is not nearly as interesting as yours. Hope you all are doing well. It was great to visit with you all a few months ago. Take care!