Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kyle's 3rd Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from the party. Some are not the greatest quality, but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!

Click to play Kyle's Birthday Party

We had a great time! Besides Michelle and Kay being here, Pappy and Mammaw Burch came, along with a family from church. One of our neighbor girls also stopped in.

Kyle really likes 'Shamu', so we tried to make one for him. Michael, Michelle, and Kay made a paper mache whale and I decorated it with icing to use on top of the cake.

Along with the whale idea...we bought a pinata that had some ugly face on it, then we re-painted it and Michelle made little whales to put on it. Each little kid got a chance to whack the pinata, then we let Philip finish it off since his birthday had been the day after Kyle's. Oh yes, and I should mention, Philip bent the handle on my broom....

Kyle got a lot of gifts from relatives and friends. Some of the things he got: clothes, a bat and ball, a play microphone, Little People toys, and of course, Hunter Dan! Thanks to those who sent or brought gifts. We really appreciated it!


Kara Plank said...

What was the picture about with the guys helping each other get onto the roof??? Looks like Kyle had fun!!!

Crystal Mason said...

When they do the pinata thing, one person holds each end of the rope and jerk it around so it's harder to hit. Being up higher gives more leverage. Hope that helped!

Strings said...

Ha! Hunter Dan? That wouldn't have been from his Uncle Dan now would it?