Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today in Pictures - II

Thursday's Agenda:
- Went to the famous "Mummy Museum"
- Visited the artisan shops outside the museum
- Left our house early enough to eat at a taco place in Salamanca before church...except they were not open yet when we got there. So we ate grapes and crackers and peanut butter that Michael had brought to use for an object lesson. We also stopped at a small store and got drinks and ice cream.
- Then we went to church for Bible Study.

(Above) For whatever reason, most of the mummies had their mouths wide open!

(Above) Michelle and Kay looking at a pregnant mommy mummy with a premature baby.

For everyone's peace of mind, it was just we three ladies who toured the museum - the kids stayed in the truck with Michael.

(Above) Looking for t-shirts in one of the market shops.

(Above) Two little girls outside the markets shops - couldn't resist taking their picture.

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