Sunday, December 29, 2013

Capturing December: Day 29

{ Bedroom Makeover }

After my quick trip to PA in October, I came home to our bedroom that had everything taken out of it and the walls primed!  And I guess since I was home now, Michael decided he could get back to his busy ministry schedule...leaving me to finish the paint job!  Okay, so he did help me some!  =)

If you remember our upstairs house tour post, we went from this... this!

We are loving the new gray wall color and the cooler feel to the room!  Our boys keep saying it looks like a hotel!

We added blinds and curtains to the window instead of the foil we had to block the sun out!  Of course, we're famous for strange window treatments!  We did something similar when we lived in Guanajuato.

And since we were on a painting streak...I decided to paint the headboards, doors, and trim an antique white!

Now I need some ideas for decorations!  The wall behind our bed is very large/tall and looks very blank at the present moment!  There are no Hobby Lobby's here  =)  so it would need to be something I could make (reasonably) with limited resources.  Any ideas?


An update on my sister:  after several ups and downs she finally seems to be taking a turn for the better!  Thanks for your continued prayers...they're greatly appreciated

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Sheila said...

I recently replaced a fabric quilted wall hanging for a metal/rusted art piece. On each side I hung 2 long rusty candle holders. I would think that you might be able to find something similar in Mexico! Or maybe some sort of metal scroll piece. And remember you can spray paint anything! Good luck!