Monday, December 16, 2013

Capturing December: Day 16

{ Outside Christmas Decorations }

This year I did minimal decorations on my front porch.  But really, it's better than the "no decorations" of most years.

Our poor front door.  It is in bad shape and desperately needs painted.  I just haven't felt like starting the project for fear I'll lose hope halfway through.  You see, to the sides of the door are a length of small windows divided by wood trim.  It seems quite time consuming to prime and paint all that!  And I'm a busy mama with not much un-interrupted time!  =)

I have a small tree and wooden sleigh in the corner of the porch.

I was also hoping to get some poinsettias to set on the porch, but alas, that hasn't happened either!  At any rate, the iguanas would probably eat them too!

I hung some LED icicle lights (and about knocked all the cement off in the process!)  I'm not really in love with the LED look, but they're up and there they'll stay.

And that's pretty much it.  Once again, we're just keeping things nice and simple.  We do live in a community where lots of people hang Christmas lights and decorations, so some evening we want to drive around and look at them.

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