Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Capturing December: Day 10

{ Homemade / DIY }

Yesterday, I was feeling somewhat accomplished.  Today, not so much!  =)  So I'll just share some things from yesterday!

I've had some knit material laying around just waiting to be made into a few skirts.  After thinking of all the horrible things that could happen while working with knit, I finally worked up the courage to try a mini maxi skirt for Jacinda!  It turned out really cute, albeit almost too small.  But at least I learned a few things of what not to do when I make one for me!  I'd really like to come up with a size guide formula that works for anyone (baby > adult).  I'll let you know when that happens!

Then, I did a few more Christmasy things around the house.  I've been eye-balling this style of burlap trees...

I basically followed this tutorial, although I cut my own strips of burlap instead of using burlap ribbon!  (How nice it would be to have a Hobby Lobby here!)

Then I added a Christmasy bow to my ever present wooden star!

I decorated a little tree on my font porch too...but you'll have to wait on that until another day!

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