Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally - Kyle's Birthday Party!!

In my post from Washington, I mentioned Kyle had his 2 yr. old birthday, but that we wouldn't be able to have his party until later. Well...due to wacky family schedules, that didn't happen until last Monday!

Kyle really enjoyed his "Thomas the Train" Cake. I must confess that I made it. Due to my wonderful procrastination...I didn't start it until the day of...and therefore I have a less than perfect cake. But hey, Kyle liked it and that's all that mattered!! I was having problems with my icing not being thick enough, but being in a hurry, I just kept right on decorating! (I'll make sure the pictures aren't close up, that way all you "professionals" can't critique too much)!!!

Watch out! A gun from Aunt Brenda and Kyle thinks he's a big hunter shooting buck, or so he says!

And then, my Mom took great delight in buying this wooden train for Kyle. It has quite a few detachable pieces...she says that people bought many piece toys for her kids and now it's payback time. Thanks Mom!

Happy Belated Birthday, Kyle!!!


Strings said...

Kyle is so cute! it looks he had fun! Have a blast picking up all those detachable parts. Don't worry about the cake it looks great-you wouldn't want to see what would happen if i even thought about trying to make somthing like that!

Angie Davis said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle! Your cake came out really well--Thomas is likely quite a stinker to make--and it looks better than last year's Davis Dinosaur Mountain. :)

Roseanne said...

Good job on the cake, it looks professional! I check in on your blog every-so-often and enjoy seeing the pics of your family. Your boys are very cute.