Tuesday, September 6, 2011

House Tour - The Upstairs

Well, my friends, another week has gone by and here's the "long awaited" pics of our upstairs. And really, I'm almost embarrassed to show them, because we definitely have not spent significant time trying to "prettify" the rooms!

This is the stairway leading upstairs.

The school room.
I have some great ideas for this room, but no money or motivation!

The other side.
We usually have our keyboard along the wall to the left of the chair, but it is currently at our church, since our church keyboard is having electrical/power issues.

The boys room.
Nothing fancy here. The walls sport the original bright yellow paint along with the light pink ceiling. A bare lightbulb hangs from the ceiling and I have a dark blue sheet hanging over the original (nasty, light colored) curtains.

Here is our guest bedroom in its original form. We put Parker's crib and the boys' lone dresser in this room along with a very lumpy, uncomfortable, double bed.

Then, we decided to paint the room since we had guests coming to visit last March. The new green walls really made the room seem cool and refreshing. We took out the double bed, crib, and dresser, and put in two single beds.

Well, then we had another brainstorm! We moved the boys' dresser back into the room, took out the single beds, and moved our nice queen size bed into the room.

I also use this room to do sewing, ironing, fold clothes, etc...

Where did the single beds go, you ask? Why, they went into our room. We pushed them together and made a nice king size bed!! Now don't get too excited, we actually don't own any king size bedding, but that just makes life more exciting, right?

With the king size bed, a dresser, a nightstand, plastic organizer bins, and the crib all in the same room, it's pretty crowded. We'll soon need to come up with another plan. I'm still thinking through the thought that 3 boys in one room might not be a good thing!!! =)

We're still gazing at the yellow walls and pink ceiling in this room, but I'm dreaming of some great changes! The when, where, and how to start? Who knows!

And this is the main bathroom. I painted the walls a medium aqua blue color - and I haven't decided if I really like it yet.

And that's pretty much all there is to our house. We have a backyard, but it's not very pretty. We have an outdoor laundry room/storage room attached to our patio, and it's not pretty either! =)

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour. If you missed the downstairs tour, click here. And if you really, really, like house pictures, click here, here, and here, to see some pics from our house when we lived in Guanajuato, Central Mexico.

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