Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Tour - The Downstairs

I've been wanting to do a pictorial house tour for some time...but I kept telling myself I should wait until I fix something, or decorate something... Well, time keeps passing, and I really haven't done any of those things, so I decided I might as well just go ahead and show it like it is. So...

Welcome to our house!
(the peach colored house in the middle is ours)

The entrance way: my book corner and a small bathroom through the door.

The living room.

The living room/dining room is one of the places I haven't done a lot of decorating. I just can't decide what I would like, or what would look nice. Any suggestions? I've thought of maybe a small country quilt to hang behind the love seat with a shelf above it...

In the living room looking towards the dining room and desk corner.

The grand kitchen! =)

If I was rich, I'd love to completely tear the whole kitchen up and start from scratch. It has a terrible layout for such a small place and upper cabinets would be nice (as well as a non-tile counter top...)! =)

I've also thought of painting the cabinets white to make everything feel fresh and clean, bright and cheery! What do you think?

Our family wall. This is in the hallway that runs between the entrance and kitchen (also at the bottom of the stairs and across from a small pantry).

And our small pantry under the stairs. Since I don't have a lot of cabinet space, a lot of food items gets stored in here, and it's also a catch-all kind of storage space. Unfortunately, this space is always in a battle of ownership between the mice, cockroaches, and me!

And, that's the downstairs. I hope you've enjoyed the pics. I know I love to see photos of other people's houses, so I thought my blog readers might too! Check back next Tuesday for a house tour of the upstairs of our place! (Update: just click this link to see the upstairs pics.)


Barry Mason said...

This was an enjoyable trip. Thanks!
I think you have done a great job in fixing up the house. Lovely.

Kara Plank said...

Everything looks so nice!!! Thanks for the tour. :)
About the kitchen cabinets...it looks like you have a lot of lighter neutrals, so what if instead of white you went with a dark navy paint and sanded the edges??? (maybe try a small inside door first).
I of course, loved seeing the touches of primitive country. :) I think the country quilt idea is a great one!
I also love how you have gingham under the glass panel of your table. very creative!!!

Michelle Durkee said...

Love the pics. Makes me homesick for MX. The quilted wall idea is great. However, I agree with the white cabinets in the kitchen. I know there is quite a bit of light color in there but since I have been there and know how big it is, the white would definitely help out. All in all, great job. Can't wait for the next tour. Love ya'll!

Dreamin' said...

I love your house! It is so cozy, yet classy!...Also, dito to what's been said above. :)

The Dickinsons said...

Everything looks very nice. =)

Adileah said...

Your home is beautiful. About the kitchen, a friend of my had older cabnets and painted them black then scuffed them like Kara said, then she decorated cafe style. You might even be able to add your own shelves and put curtains cafe style on the front if you need the room. Totally just a thought you obviously don't need any help decorating you do a beautful job! Whatever you do will look nice. Loved seeing your house through pictures. Now when I accidently call you (LOL) I can picture where you guys are! Adileah