Saturday, September 13, 2008

More House Pictures

I really did have the best of intentions to post these like, a long time ago!

I think I've already posted pics of the kitchen...nothing new there.

Below are some pictures of the living room/dining room that's right off the kitchen.

Previously, I mentioned we had been looking for furniture...well, here it is! We found an excellent deal for a three piece set...and since the cushions are slowly softening, it's now a pretty comfy place to sit!

To the left of the table, is where we have our computer desk, filing cabinet, and printer set up...but it's not worth taking a picture of, so...just use your imagination!! Ha! Ha!

We go back the hallway, and the kids' room is the first door on the right. No pictures of that yet.
#1 - The kids have the toys out 24/7.
#2 - Sometime soon we would like to get Kyle a single bed instead of the crib and let Taylor have the crib instead of a pack-n-play. Once that happens, I'll take a picture. There are decorations up, but it just doesn't feel complete to me, yet. Oh well!

Straight back the hallway, is the bathroom.

Here is a before picture. White walls, beautiful blue trim.

This is the after picture. Tan/Gold paint, multi-colored sponged border. We added lights and the medicine cabinet/mirror.

Last room on the right, our bedroom. Let's see, I decided to put my Thomas Kincaid picture above the bed...but the best feature of the the brick ledge up by the ceiling. I thought it would be neat to put some country berry garland with lights up there! It's just beautiful...casts a nice soft glow...(and might I say, sshhh...romantic?!) Well anyway...

The curtains I was talking about needing to finish...(which I did, obviously, and awhile ago, too, I might add...)!

Our bedroom does have it's own bathroom, but we didn't do an ounce of work in there, so, no pictures.

Oh, we do have a service patio outside with a sink, the washer, clothesline....but I wasn't sure if that would interesting or not...?

There you have it! If I think of anything else, you'll be hearing back from me!


sankey family said...

Your house is beautiful - thanks for sharing these photos!

Kara Plank said...

Everything is so pretty. I also had "amber-colored" lights strung above our bed, but someone (not me) couldn't sleep with lights on....=( Maybe Afghanistan makes people sleep through anything, tho, we'll see. lol

Beth Stetler said...

Very nicely decorated!

Anonymous said...

Lots of hard work, but it feels good when you are finished. Just don't kill yourselves with your crazy stunts before you can enjoy it. Very pretty. Miss ya!

Springer Family said...

It looks great!

Dorcas said...

Your home looks nice & cozy!!

Boog said...

The touches (and hard work) you did is really lovely. You do a great job. Your house is beautiful.