Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Recent Trip to Guatemala

Well, we arrived safely home late Sunday night! Monday we spent the day recuperating from our trip! Tuesday morning, I had every intention of finishing the edits on these pictures to share with you, but our normally steady electric, decided to go off for 5 hours. So after it came back on, I was trying to finish the pictures and to get them uploaded, when a bad storm came through, and the lightening zapped our modem...hence, no internet until this morning when we went into town to get a replacement modem.

Whew! So we are, and I've finally got all the pictures uploaded. I hope you enjoy this little pictorial journal of our recent trip to Guatemala! Consider this post, yesterday's [Just a Glimpse].

* Click the arrow below to see a slideshow of these pics, or click anywhere else in the box to be taken directly to Picasa where you can view the pics a little larger.

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Sheila said...

Thanks for taking the time to do the slide show! Very nice & it gives us a glimpse of what the country is really like. So glad you arrived back home safely!