Wednesday, April 9, 2008

House #4

House #4

...A very nice place with very nice people who own it. Right now, this might be our no.1 choice, but there still are a few drawbacks.

*It is out in the country > meaning it takes 10-15 to get into town.
*I really din't care for the small town we went through before we got there.
*The property is totally surrounded by a fence and electronic gate.
*There would be room inside or outside for the kids to play.
*A lot more kitchen space > but I would need to get my own stove and refrigerator.
*Big bedrooms with large closets in each.
*2 bathrooms.
*Hook-up for washer/dryer.
*We would need to buy all of the lighting fixtures.
*And I would love to paint the bright blue color, something else!!
*Telephone and Internet connection is available!
*And believe it or not, ALL of the rooms in this house have the domed brick ceilings. Awesome!!
*Last, but not least, the price is right!

Another problem, the land-owner is leaving for Germany on Friday and won't be back until November. So, if we would like this place, we kind of need to know in the next two days. Would you help us pray that we would know what to do? Should we continue to look, or just pick one of these places?

Anyway...I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I'm headed for bed...


Steve Hight said...

Wow, I'd say grab this one, compared to the others you showed and described. Of course I'm not the Lord's voice, so don't just do it on my word!

Do you have my e-mail address? If so, send me a note about your CD. If HIM's okay with EFM using it for an offer, we'd like to consider it, and we could probably move a couple hundred for you.

If you don't have my address, leave a comment here; I'll come back and look in a day or two.

Anonymous said...
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Steve Hight said...

Better delete the comment sandwiched between my two!

Crystal Mason said...

Thanks Steve for your comments! And I did send you an e-mail awhile ago about the CD's, but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace!! Leave me your address and I'll try to send it again.