Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh, The Joys of Life!!!

...and the saga begins.

Let's see...Saturday evening we drove to Burch's. I had laundry to do and so we spent the night since church was in the morning. When we returned home, I went to the freezer to pull something out, and...the ice cubes were melted and my meat was not frozen anymore!!! Great, so I opened the fridge, and it was barely cool. There wasn't much we could do late Sunday night, so we hoped for the best and went to bed. The next morning, we called Burch's and cried "HELP!!!" They so graciously came over with a cooler and ice. Philip and Michael loaded the fridge onto our trailer for a trip back into Irapuato and Home Depot. Collette stayed with me and the kids. We cooked up all the meat and sorted through the food items. After that, Collette was looking for other things to do. So, having tons of things that needed done (but not knowing where to start myself), I gave her the job of making me a kitchen curtain! Very important, you know! (Ha!) Below is the finished project ~ she did an awesome job! This picture also shows our water filtering system. This was a gift from my in-laws. It works great and is such a blessing!

Okay...back to my story. We had a "guarantee" on our fridge, but Home Depot said it would take 12 days for someone to look/fix it. Michael was like, "We kind of need one now." They wouldn't give his money back, but decided they could give him store credit if he wanted something else. And so, we now have a washer! It equaled the same exact price of the refrigerator. Great plan, except we still didn't have a fridge. Michael and Philip then had to drive all the way to Leon to the Home Depot there to find a fridge just like we had before. Fortunately, they had one left for the same price as before. Now we're working on Refrigerator #2 and once more, hoping for the best! So far, so good!

I thought I would share some other pictures with you too...I'm not sure if I have mentioned the cement walls before. This is not a problem, except I'm used to drywall where I can pound a nail in and hang a picture, or curtains, or... anyway, it's not quite that easy now! You have to use a special drill and bit and then put a plastic "jigger" or wood piece in to have something to attach your screw or nail to. All that being said, we have no blinds or curtains up (except the kitchen now - I cheated with a tension rod). Above all, we kind of need some privacy sometimes and also when the sun beats in, it's kind of nice to block it out a little. We tried hanging sheets with duck tape, but that lasted about 5 minutes!! My next solution...copy paper taped to the windows!!! It doesn't look fancy, but hey, it works for now!!! Until we get all the proper equipment to install such things as blinds and curtains, this will do! (I also think I'll need to install some motivation in my husband for his help...!!!)

The living room window (with the unfinished trim above).

Our bedroom window with a little screen left open so the air can blow...(and the finished trim).


Kara Plank said...

Those curtains look great! Nice creativity with the copy paper! lol It probably feels nice to have your own washer now. Glad you are doing good!

sankey family said...

Well, sounds like you're dealing well with the challenges of the field already...your flexibility, creativity, positive attitude...way to go!
I love your kitchen curtain and the water filter system looks great. I so know what you mean about concrete walls...very different!
So glad you got a washer - and hope your fridge issues are settled soon.
Take care.
Hasta luego....

AIM said...

We remember those days living with ice. We only had a bucket and a bag of ice. I'm glad those days are over. I hope your new fridge works a lot better. the house looks very nice. Oh,Crystal your curtain idea was brilliant. haha. You gotta do whatcha gotta do. Wish you the best.

loree2000 said...

Congrats on finding a house!!

Cool ceilings! I love the Kit. walls and your new table!

Lori R.