Wednesday, April 9, 2008

House #5,6,7,8

House #5...was okay, but too many steps for kids and not worth taking pictures of.

House #6

The same lady who was a realtor on #5, showed us this absolutely beautiful house next. It used to be a 'hacienda'. It was totally made out of stone and wood. I love country decorating, and this would be a dream to work with, but of course, it was way too expensive! Check out these pictures.

The entry/living room.

The kitchen.

The bathroom.

Part of the bedroom. Partial stone wall and wooden beams for the ceiling.

And then Kyle wanted his picture taken.

House #7...another house from the lady realtor, but even more steps than #5. I can just imagine hauling all our goods up these steps. We wouldn't even be able to fit our trailer up the narrow street to get to the steps!! I wasn't in the mood to take pictures there either!

And for the real winner...
House #8

We realized right away that this place would NOT work (without a lot of hard work), but I knew all my blog readers would enjoy the colorful photo shoot!!!

The entry/living room.

The above picture is the kitchen!

A bedroom...(nice mattress)!!

Maybe a laundry area??!!

Yep, it was ALL BRIGHT BLUE!! ...and of course, the only house that had a bathtub!

Anyway, todays findings brought us right back to yesterday's conclusion. Is it #3 or #4? Keep posted for more details.


Faith said...

Hard decisions when there are SO many things to consider! #3 and #4 are definitely nice. Which one is closer to your place of ministry (or will your house be the "hub"?)? Which one lets you identify most with the people to whom you will minister? Which one least puts up a psychological barrier between you and the people you are there to reach? I'll be praying for you and watching for your updates. (Easy out for me, eh? :)

sankey family said...

I'm enjoying your house hunting...maybe you're getting tired of it. But you're making it interesting for all of us!
It's encouraging because we're heading to Saltillo this weekend to look for housing for Beth and Steve. Help us pray that it goes well.
Will be watching for the decision!

Beth Stetler said...

Thanks for posting all the pics. It's been fun to check your blog. Hope you can get settled in real soon.

Rex and Missy McDowell said...

Ah, where is your sense of adventure. I would definitely go with #8. Just think of all the stories and pictures you could post about it! Seriously, I hope the best option (and probably only God really knows that) will become clear to you. In the meantime, you are giving us a little idea of what we will have to look forward to.