Wednesday, April 9, 2008

House #3

This house is brand new and absolutely gorgeous! A few small quirks, but definitely a possibility.

House #3

It is located along the "Panaramica" and so it has a beautiful view. It is very close to down-town - Michael could basically walk to school in around 15 minutes and I would only be 5 min. away from a mall and large supermarket! It is totally surrounded by a gate, with only 6 or so other houses inside. A stove and refrigerator would be included. The entry room ceiling is in the shape of a dome, laid with brick ~ beautiful!!!

The negative: two small bedrooms. The kids' room is shaped really funny and so it would be hard to fit a crib and a single bed into it. Also the kids wouldn't have much opportunity for a good play place. The price is just a little more than what we wanted to pay...but it is a good price for a new house in that area.


Home Health Ann said...

I vote for a 15 minute walk for Michael since the mall would be close for you - priorities!!!!!!

sankey family said...

I guess this would be my pick, although I understand the negatives you mentioned. Being in close proximity to town, the school, etc. would be huge to me. Guanajuato is just beautiful, isn't it? We always loved visiting there.
I'll be watching for your decision!