Saturday, August 27, 2011

A New Experience

Well, that day has finally come! The day I had to go find a dentist and get some major work done.

You see, I had braces when I was younger, and was always being warned to brush my teeth well, because cavities have a greater chance of appearing while wearing those metal brackets that can trap food real well. So, I was quite surprised when I had the braces removed, and I had no cavities! I thought that was exciting! And then every year after that when I would have my teeth cleaned...still no cavities! So recently, I thought it would be really neat if I could make it to my 30th birthday without having any cavities. Unfortunately, my teeth had other ideas, and I didn't quite make my goal (by a few months).

For a couple of months now, my lower, left, back molar has felt like a piece had broken off of it, but I had no pain, so, big deal. Apparently, another piece broke off this weekend causing a severe tooth break and a constant tooth ache. Of course, I didn't really know what was causing the pain, so we began asking around for a good dentist in town.

We finally found this really nice place that is similar to what we're used to in the States (receptionist, clean waiting area, good equipment...).

That Thursday when I went in, the one dentist lady cut the nerve to the molar to help with the pain and also sanded the molar down and put in a temporary cap. Today I went back, and another dentist lady performed the actual root canal and then put on another tempoary cap. I was very pleased with my experience. The best part about the day, was since the Novocain wore off, I've not had any pain!

I'm to return to the office again on Thursday for them to reconstruct the tooth/make a crown for my molar. I have no restrictions on eating/drinking (yay!), so I'm good to go.

The only other bad news, is that I have a cavity on the upper, left, back molar that they're going to drill and then fill at some other time.

So, that's my new experience in life and I'm guessing it means I must be getting older! Next thing you know, I'll have a mouthful of false teeth!!! =)

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Kara Plank said...

I'm so glad it went well for you! There is just NOTHING like tooth pain! Unfortunately, I have had far too many tooth-aches etc., and always put it off until it's unbearable. Also it's good to know you have a great dentistry near by for future use.