Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[ Just a Glimpse ]

I'm starting to think we live in the castle of creatures! About the time I think I've seen (and taken pictures) of them all...another one comes for a visit. The other week I was out in the laundry room (outside our house, in a separate little room) and I saw something flying around over my head. I assumed a bird had gotten inside and didn't realize he could fly out the door to freedom. After this "bird" landed on a lightbulb right outside the door, I realized he was no bird, but a bat! So what did I do? After informing my husband, I grabbed the camera and tried to see how close I could get to him. I must say, this bat sure looked like he was giving me the "evil eye!" What do you think?

And just so you don't think all I ever blog about is creatures...here's our littlest guy taking a snooze in his highchair. I love how he props his feet up like that!

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Dreamin' said...

Love the bat picture!! Way to go for being brave enough to get that close. ;)