Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[ Just a Glimpse ]

There are days, like today, and like the past few days, where living is simply a survival of the fittest. Or so it seems. I'm sure it's not really true, but sometimes it sure feels like it! It's on days like today, when your thermometer reads this...

...and your computer says the real feel is in the 100's, that (besides melting) you rely on a few essential items to get you through the day.

Thank the Lord for ice cubes!
We go through about 3 trays a day.

And those ice cubes sure do taste good in some cold, mexican coke!

If possible, it helps to have a fan blowing on you while you work.

And then the best part of the day. After losing a few pounds in sweat, you can retreat to your air-conditioned bedroom...

...for an afternoon siesta!
How refreshing!

Hmmm...it looks like Minka likes siestas too!

And so, we're wishfully looking towards the heavens in hopes that the rainy season will decide to return from wherever it took a vacation to...

... and meanwhile, we'll continue working (aka: surviving, at times) and dream of the frozen tundra in Iceland... =)
[photo courtesy of 'bpwillet' at virtualtourist.com]

And that my friends, is just a glimpse into one day in the story of our lives. Actually, we have many different kinds of days, but I thought for today, I'd just share the hot and humid version!

(Disclaimer: there was also work accomplished today. We home-schooled, did laundry, cooked meals, washed dishes, took trash to the dumpster, Michael met with some people about church business, etc, etc...)


Dreamin' said...

I always look forward to your "Just a Glimpse" Tuesdays. :)

Dreamin' said...

I aways enjoy your "Just a Glimpse" posts!! :)