Sunday, May 8, 2011

¡Feliz dia de las madres!

Translated, "Happy Mother's Day!" Actually, here in Mexico they always celebrate mother's day on May 10th - no matter what day that may fall on. But as a church, we decided to go ahead and celebrate it today.

In preparation for this special day, I made 14 "purse styled" gift bags and then filled them with a kitchen dish towel, antibacterial hand gel, and a snickers bar.

We had also encouraged all of our regular church attendees to invite their mothers. What we never planned on, was that while two of their mothers came, so did almost everyone else who we've ever invited! Yep, it was bound to happen - the day they all decided to show up at church at one time! Actually, it was very exciting...(and a little hot and squished in our tiny little church room)! We had a record breaking attendance of 43!!

The adults listening to the sermon...

...while the kids are in Sunday School.

Fellowship after church.

And here's me with the little ones who call me "Mom."

So happy that God has blessed me with these precious treasures.
Life is certainly not boring in this household of ALL boys
(and that includes the big one too)!! =)

Happy Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...

Boys are the Best!!!

Kara Plank said...

I like your gift bag idea! That's exciting, you had so many people!!! I really love that picture of you and your boys! You are a great Mommy!