Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colorado: Part III

A Sunday spent in beautiful Colorado. Also an eventful day.

Sunday morning and afternoon were spent sharing and fellow-shipping with the dear people at Western Colorado Holiness Chapel. Afterwords, the pastor took us up on top of Grand Mesa.

Once again, very beautiful scenery. We took some time to take pictures and I also tried to get some of Parker since he had just turned six months old.

Meanwhile, back down at the pastors house, Taylor had stayed to play with the other kids. Apparently while jumping around, Taylor somehow hurt his arm and was crying and holding his arm by the time we walked in the door from our sight-seeing trip. So, we ended up visiting the ER in Delta, CO that night. Conclusion: according to xrays, there was no break, but the membranes between the two arm bones had been pulled or had come loose. The treatment was a hard splint with a sling to keep his arm immobilized and then after two weeks or so, we could see what he felt like he could do with his arm.

[waiting to see the ER doc]

[getting ready to leave Colorado the next morning]

But, all in all, we really enjoyed the time we were able to spend in Colorado. So happy we were able to go!

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