Monday, October 11, 2010

Colorado: Part II

The second full day we were in Colorado [10-02-10], we went to a little place called Telluride that is situated in a valley between tall mountains. And let me tell you, out of all the places Michael and I have visited, this probably was our favorite. The village was quaint and picturesque and the view was breathtaking!!!!!!! The golden aspens just shimmered against the evergreens. We were wishing we had a whole week to enjoy and explore!

We parked in town, then walked beside a creek until we got to a " gondola station." We boarded the gondola (similar to a ski lift), and took the ride up the side of the mountain. It was a very cool experience! There is a station located at the top of the mountain where you can get off and hike or bike on trails, or you can continue riding the gondola down the mountain on the other side where there is another small, more modern and high class town called Mountain Village.

Anyway, we absolutely loved this area! If anybody near there is looking to donate their ranch, we'd be happy to take if off your hands!!! ;-)

[Walking through town beside the creek]

[The gondola line]


[Looking down on the village of Telluride]
[Looking down towards Mountain Village]
[Daddy and Taylor enjoying the walk]


Eric said...

very cool pics. Colorado is so pretty!

Joshua V. said...

Awesome pictures! Parker is really growing up! Hope we get to see you guys soon!


Kara Plank said...

wow! I LOVE all these pictures! the colors and scenery are just stunning!

Doug and Kim Hoffman said...

I LOVE the pictures - especially the one of you and Michael! The colors you wore were a perfect blend for the colors behind. Who took the picture? Did you have a tripod? If so, you did GREAT!