Thursday, October 7, 2010

Colorado: Part I

We recently had the pleasure of being in Colorado to hold a missions service. While there, we were able to spend two days sightseeing. The first day we went across the state line into Moab, Utah to the Arches National Park. It was a beautiful day and we had fun exploring the park.

I also really enjoy landscape photography, and am trying to learn more about it. These photos are definitely not pro status, but I hope you can glimpse some of the beauty I was able to see.

Arches National Park
Moab, Utah

[Overlooking the Petrified Dunes]
[The North Window]
[The Turret Arch]
[The Balanced Rock]
[The Skyline Arch]
Stay tuned for more picture of where we went on our second day in Colorado.

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