Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Mason Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas...from our family to yours!!!!

Although we were officially in Mexico for Christmas this year, we did celebrate Christmas with our families before we left the States. With that thought in mind, and with the "fun" of cleaning our house that had been dormant for six months, unpacking our stuff, and fixing the water pump, refrigerator, and toilets upon our recent arrival to our house in MX... we decided to not put up a tree this year and just open a few gifts and that would be our Christmas.

Well...that thought only lasted until Christmas Eve. With the temps being hot and no decorations up, I was just having a hard time imagining it was Christmas! So, while Michael and some people from our city church when to a Christmas Eve service three hours away in the mountains, I decided to surprise him and set up the tree!

Maybe you'll notice in the picture that there's really not a lot of decorations on the tree...well that's just because some mice invaded my house while we were away and chewed some loveable snowmen, red berries, and garland. The rusty tin stars, burlap bows, and some tinsel really do look halfway pleasing at night with the other room lights off! (lol) No really, Michael was very surprised, and it made me happy and started to feel like Christmas might be here!

The table has the only other "Christmas" decorations in our house...
And since I was on a decorating roll, I decided to go ahead and put a few homey touches on top of our desk. Once I get some of my house fully decorated, I'll post some pics. I know my sister-in-law will want to see! ;-)

And that my friends, along with reading the Christmas story, opening gifts, talking to family, and some yummy food, is "A Mason Christmas 2010!"


Michelle said...

Wow! Looks beautiful! Glad we got things cleaned up so that you all could have a "cozy" Christmas. Keep us posted! Love all


Beth Stetler said...

Great family picture and beautiful Christmas decorations! Welcome back to Mexico! :o)

Kara Plank said...

I do like your tree!!! Glad you put it up after all!
And all the homey decorating touches look awesome!!! (add me to your list of wanting to see the house fully decorated!) :)
Love ya!!!