Sunday, October 19, 2008

Revival - Saturday p.m.

Since the rainy season is basically over, we can now use this ¨shorter¨route to go to church. Since we´ve first moved here, they have been working on a bridge...but since it´s still not completed, we just drive through the water. Here are a few pictures.

Here´s a car who just came through from the other side.

Now it´s our turn!

And actually, this route used to be 15 min. faster, now it´s only 5 min. I think maybe I just learned to drive faster going the other way...and they did take out a few speed bumps...

Once again, the Lord came and helped in our service this evening. There were over 30 people there.

Bro. Rigo

This is Taylor and his special friend, Fani. She really loves playing with him, and of course, he just loves being doted on by her!

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Angie Davis said...

Eek! I stalled my car on my last trip through a puddle that big. Not planning to try that again! Hope all is going well. I've enjoyed checking out the pictures, but haven't been taking time to comment much lately. Otherwise, the housework doesn't get done.