Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayers Needed on Trip

As many of you know, read about it in our latest newsletter, or received an e-mail about...we leave today on a grand adventure!! Well actually, we're headed to Southern Mexico for a few days before we travel into Guatemala for H.I.M.'s Hispanic Pastor's Conference.

We would definitely appreciate your prayers for traveling protection and safety. Some of the areas we have to travel through are not the most safe. You never know when you could get stopped and, to put it bluntly, robbed of your money and valuables. We are taking every precaution that is possible, but still needing the hand of the Lord to guide us.

Now, on to more encouraging things...I will be taking my camera, and hopefully, taking lots of pictures to share with you. We will also be taking our laptop, but not sure if/when we will be able to find internet access. All that to say this, we will try to keep you updated if at all possible!

Our schedule goes something like this:

Monday 10/27 - travel 6-8 hours and stay with some friends of Burch's
Tuesday 10/28 - travel approx. 14 hours to a H.I.M. pastor in Southern Mexico
*We will be hanging out in that general area for a few days, then...
Saturday 11/1 - travel 8-10 hours through Guatemala until we reach Jalapa (where the conference will be held)
Friday 11/7 - Leave Jalapa and drive the many hours back to Southern Mexico, stay the night
Saturday 11/8 - Drive the many more hours back home and hopefully be able to keep our eyes open during church on Sunday!

So now you can see all the many hours and miles we will be traveling! Philip and Collette and another lady from the church are going with us, so we will be stuffed into our truck with all of our belongings...we should be able to get to know each other better, right?

Whenever you think of us, please say a prayer for us (and our truck :)) over the next two weeks! We are confident the Lord is going to go with us and help us. Thanks so much for your interest and prayers!!

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