Thursday, September 18, 2008

This -n- That a recent picture of Michael and I. And notice the sweatshirt I'm wearing? It's actually been feeling a little like fall here recently! It gets down in the upper 50's, low 60's at night, and till morning, our cement brick house is feeling pretty chilly! And since I love sweatshirts, I'll take the chance anytime to wear one. Now it still can get pretty warm late afternoon, but as long as I'm not outside doing manual labor (smiles), a sweatshirt works great!

and some recent purchases from the market. They have tons of baskets and lots of ceramic vases, dishes, pitchers, bowls, etc... (and yes...I forgot to take pictures of the market! Hopefully next time!)


Springer Family said...

great pics! I too, love sweatshirts, but don't get a chance to wear them much. =) I'm looking forward to going to PA in Oct to wear some! =)

sankey family said...

love this market stuff!