Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Recent Trip...

...to San Miguel de Allende

Our intent on this trip was to 1) check with immigration about getting more permanent visas and 2) mail our absentee voting ballot applications out to the States. But since we were there, we didn't want to pass up the opportunity to check out this beautiful city. Here are a few pictures from our sight-seeing.

Beautiful churches...

...and cathedrals. Wow!

Same place - different view.

A quick, blurry photo of the inside of the cathedral. Beautiful design, ornate details, and a majestic feeling.

Check out this set of organ pipes!

Street-side flower vendor.

A peek into an artisan gallery we passed walking down a street.

Stopped for a bite to eat.

A statue. (There's a story to be had about this man...if you really want to know, call, and Michael will be more than happy to tell you! I will say, it has to do with the start for their independence.)

Collette took this picture out our truck window. These dogs were keeping their eye on the traffic below. There may have been another one up there, but he was being a little shy at this moment!

...and to Delores Hidalgo

This place is famous for their hand painted ceramics and "homemade" ice cream. You can get many different flavors...the traditional vanilla, chocolate, real strawberry...but how about these kinds...? Shrimp, pork rine, avocado, elote (corn, mayonnaise, cayenne pepper)...! Ugh! Not my idea of gotta-have ice cream! Michael and Philip did sample quite a few of these...strange...!

One of the ceramic shops we stopped by.

And then on our way home, we drove through some beautiful mountains. Here's a view from the top - the city of Guanajuato. Beautiful, is it not?


Strings said...

the ice cream vendor there sounds like something you might find in Japan. the Japanese are famous for that too. they sell green tea, wasabi (spicy horseradish), fish, and many other ice cream flavors. They are also known for having vending machines that sell anything and everything, from sports drinks, to beer, to food and toys....literally anything.

sankey family said...

Yes, it is! I remember these places so very well - we always loved visiting San Miguel de Allende! Hopefully we can visit again someday.
Thanks for sharing about your trip.

Kara Plank said...

Neat pics- keep them coming. I don't think I could try the non-traditional ice creams-ugh. I'm sure Andy would take the time to hear the story about that Independence dude. Next time we all get together...