Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We are Praising The Lord for helping Michael to get his FM-2 Visa!

What this Means: Previously, we had only 6 month tourist visas. This visa required us (and our truck and trailer) to leave the country for a few days - every six months! That's a great option if you live only a few hours from the border, but since we're 30 hours or so from the's not something we wanted to do that often! Plus, there's more expense involved.

With this FM-2, we do NOT have to leave the country to renew our visas! They do cost money, and they will need renewed once a year, but we can do it all in-country. And after five years, if we meet all the requirements, we are eligible to obtain a permanent resident visa which would allow us to come and go at will.

Somewhere along the line, Michael was able to meet and then do all of our paperwork with the regional director at the immigration office. I'm sure this helped to speed up the process, because we were told it could take a couple of months, but he was able to get his "immigrant" card in just three days!!!

Now the only thing that remains, is to apply for this same status for me and the kids!


Dreamin' said...

That is wonderful! Only people who have delt with immigration and visas can understand the stress of them...{And I'm sure Mexico is more stressful than the US}I have just filed my paper work to become a perminent resident and for a green card,... praying they go through will no complications. :)

The Dickinsons said...

Congratulations, Michael!!!!!! Now may God bless your efforts for a visa for the rest of you. Also enjoyed your explanation to how you all get your water. Some of the apartments here have the round tanks.
We share good memories of going out with your family when we were in the USA. God bless and keep you all and give you success as He views success.
Christian love,
Phillip and family in Colombia