Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[ Just a Glimpse ]

Today's weekly post is actually an explanation of how our water system works here in our house.

We live in a secure community that has it's own water system that is run separate from the rest of the city.

Our fraccionamiento has it's own water tower...
(and I think it has a bigger, and newer one as well)

Then the water is distributed to all the houses here, at various times throughout the day, and it collects in each person's own underground cistern. Ours is in our backyard.

From there, it runs through a pump...

...that pushes it up to our water tank on top of our house.
And from there, we have gravity fed - running water!

Now to get to our tank, you kind of need to climb up this ladder...

...of which after climbing a few rungs, I decided it wouldn't be a smart idea to try and climb up the whole way with a camera around my neck (actually, it would probably be dangerous, especially in a long skirt!) =) So, I just climbed up a regular ladder in our study, and took the picture out a small window.


Actually, in regards to our water situation, we are thankful! Our fracc. has been having issues with their water tanks and system (having lots of sand get in them, and needing to do repairs...). We've seen many of our neighbors having water trucks come in and deliver gallons of water, but we had no idea why. We thought we were missing something... And indeed we were! For whatever reason, others have not been able to get water in their cisterns, but so far, our little system has been working properly and we have all the water we need. Our pastor neighbor and friend said the other day, "Wow, the Lord's been providing for you." And indeed He has!

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