Monday, April 25, 2011


He Is Risen!

And, I like what this gospel song has to say...

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone!
Because I know who holds the future -
And life is worth the living, just because He lives!
(William & Gloria Gaither, 1971)

So thankful that Jesus died on the cross to pardon our sins, BUT, what a blessed hope we have in the resurrection! So simple, yet, so intricately complex. It made our future a little brighter, and our load a little lighter. May we never lose the awesomeness of what the whole entire Easter story represents. For you see, it was the greatest event in history! May we teach our children the true, Biblical story instead of glamorizing the holiday with commercial goodies. I'm not saying that easter baskets, plastic eggs, and candy are wrong, but generation after generation are passing through the corridors of time, and they're losing the true meaning of most everything that's taught in the Bible. Might that we, be faithful!

Ok, so now that I'm stepping down off that soapbox, let me tell you a little about what we did for Easter. =)

I can't say that we did anything too extraordinary this year, but leading up to Easter, we talked to the boys quite a bit about the true meaning of Easter and read them different books. Easter Sunday morning, we tried to dress up a little more than normal (tradition, you know). Our church service in form was pretty "regular" (due to the hubby and me not thinking ahead), but after Michael preached a good message, a new family came forward to pray! And that's very exciting!!

And let me just insert in here, that Easter in Mexico is quite different. With the large Catholic influence, Palm Sunday and Good Friday are somewhat celebrated (with rituals and partying) and Resurrection Sunday kind of gets overlooked. Nothing special. And really, there's no commercialization of Easter either. So, now let me tell you that we have two different men in our church who lead the services before Michael preaches. So instead of singing "Up From The Grave He Arose" or "Crown Him With Many Crowns", we sang "Revive Us Again" and "A New Touch of Fire." Great songs, but not very Easter oriented! When Michael got up, we introduced "He Lives" and "Because He Lives." How exciting to explain why we want/should celebrate Easter in a BIG way!

Anyway, after service, we shared a meal together and then I passed out Peanut Butter Easter Eggs. They all seemed to really enjoy them (and of course, I forgot to take a picture).

Due to eating a Mexican lunch yesterday, we waited until tonight to enjoy a traditional ham and mashed potato meal!

Kyle and Taylor enjoying Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

So that's basically it (at least for this year)! What does your family do for Easter to make it special?

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Kara Plank said...

I think that is really great! We skipped the Easter eggs/baskets this year too. I think the generation before us meant well, and assumed the "real" meanings of Christmas and Easter would stay in the forefront, but it really has become commercialized in the minds of even the church people as well over the years. I hope we can change that! :) Glad you had an Easter ham though. There are some traditions that are just nice!