Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life in our Household

This is what one does when they don't take a pie plate to MX with them, and there's not many cookware options at the house they are staying at...but, they really want a strawberry pie...

...introducing the new "Frying Pie Pan!" (hey, it worked!)

And this is what one child does for play...may I introduce you to "Goliath!" Not only does he use the bat for a sword, but also a pillow for a shield. I do believe he gets his imagination from his Dad...!


Kara Plank said...

So creative with the strawberry pie! This picture of Kyle is hilarious. Andy & I were just talking about the possibility of Clayton wanting to pretend play in a few years, and then not being able to convince him to leave his "character" behind as we go to the store. lol

The LaVans said...

Wow! That's a really neat idea with the pie! I would never have thought of that; but its really neat! :0)