Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It Was a Good Day... I'm a little belated on reporting the happenings from this past Sunday...but you'll forgive me, right???!!!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! I am blessed! Below is a picture of me and my little boys who are growing up very quickly!! (please excuse the half-shut eyelids, but this was the best picture...)

Also, for about two weeks this month, we are privileged to fill in at church while the Junod's are away. This past Sunday, Michael prepared his second-ever sermon in Spanish and preached it. It was a Mother's Day sermon, and he did very well! Actually, he led the whole service in Spanish and did an excellent job!



A few more events happening this month:

:: My sister and grandfather are coming down to spend a week with us...arriving the 13th.

:: We are making a trip to Salamanca, Mexico the end of the month for two weeks. We will be filling in down there until their permament pastor arrives the beginning of June. Keep us in your prayers for (1) traveling protection, (2) Michael as he prepares for several services...all in Spanish, and (3) the church people who will be going through a time of adjustment.

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sankey family said...

Love this picture of you and the boys..congrats to Michael on leading the service and preaching in Spanish!