Monday, January 12, 2009

A "This and That" Post

Yes, we have made it home safely. Still trying to figure out where to put everything, though...

So anyway, here's a few misc. pictures from recent days.

While in PA, we were able to go visit "Aunt Brenda" one day while she was at work.
We were feeling a little sad on Sat. because we were missing the great annual PA Farm Show H.S. Rodeo...but, we found a little down-home country "rodeo" right down the road from us. There weren't very many people, or contestants, but it was something entertaining to do!

Kyle climbed the fence...he definitely needs a cowboy hat and boots down in this country!!

Kyle also had great fun pulling somebody's dog around on a leash!! (poor dog :)

Today starts a new chapter in our lives and also a new schedule. Michael starts first semester of full-time language school, while I continue with the Rosetta Stone and try to get all the housework done and still manage to keep the kids under control!!!! ;) If you think of it, keep us in your prayers!!


sankey family said...

Been to that "rodeo" - it's a great one, huh?
We are so excited for you as you begin your time at RGBI - lots of memories of time spent and things learned and relationships made on that campus. We are praying for you and Michael in your Spanish studies!

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