Monday, January 19, 2009

Inspiration and Church

I think I should take a poll about what to blog about...nothing has been coming to mind these days. So anyway, if you could send some inspiration my way, please leave a comment! :)

Here's a post to leave you with until I receive my "inspiration"!

Part of Michael's school requirements are to attend a Spanish Church once a week. This morning began our trek to the Rio Bravo Bible Methodist Church across the border in Mexico. Thank-You to Jonathan and Renee Springer who went with us and "showed" us the way!! ;)

The Church.
Kyle decided he wanted to go up front with the other kids when they presented what they had learned during Sunday School.
Jonathan and Renee (and Korey) conversing with the pastor after church.
If you are interested in seeing and knowing more about the Bible Methodist Churches along the border, click here.


tim said...

spent many Sundays bouncing along in a mission van to an from this well as walking those neighborhoods, working on the church and parsonage that is no longer there. great memories
glad you are involved will be a blessing.
Please give greetings to any Maldonados, Lunas and others who may have been there with us. Part of my heart will always be in Mexico.

Kara Plank said...

You could give us another yummy recipe!

Anonymous said...

I second the recipe comment. We loved the chicken ring awhile back!

sankey family said...

That's great that you got to attend our church in Rio Bravo. Will you be going often? We enjoyed visiting and ministering in all the border churches when Marc was in language school there.

Michelle Durkee said...

Maybe some pics and updates of your new house or your adorable little munkins would be good blogging material. Just a thought since I was accused of not commenting. Love and miss you all