Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip Pictures - Part 2

Tuesday ~ It was a l o n g, but actually, fun day! We ate snacks, talked, gave the guys a hard time about their get the picture!

We also went 30-40 minutes out of our way [due to navigational problems!!!!!!!!!] and arrived at a town right off the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of driving the two minutes to see the water...we get pulled over by a cop. He was just convinced that Philip had been talking on his cell phone and using Nextel, mind you! Philip firmly told him that was not the case! Obviously the guy was just looking for a way to make some money. Anyway, it gave us all a good laugh throughout the day!

Some of the pictures below were taken in 'La Ventosa', Southern Mexico. For a very scientific reason, (which I don't care to explain right now :)) it is extremely windy in this place. As you can see, the government has put in windmills here to produce energy.

Then, Collette came up with this GRAND idea to have me take my hair down and let it blow in the wind for a picture. Of course, she snapped the picture before I was ready...thence, the strange pose! Ha! Ha!

Once we reached the southern state of Chiapas, we had to stop and take some more pictures. This state is where Santo Domingo [the place where we are to plant a new church] is located.

The young lady pictured below came with us partway on our trip. Her name is Grace and she goes to the church in Salamanca. We dropped her off in Tapachula where she met a cousin who was going to take her into Guatemala to see her Dad. It's been 13 years since she has seen him. Then on our trip home, we will meet up with her and bring her back to Salamanca. It was great being able to travel with her!

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