Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Great Water Filter System

Just a minor detail. If you're a fellow missionary, or just like good, clean water - please scroll down the page until you see the new link added on the right sidebar. This is the kind of water filtering system that we use here in Mexico. Michael's parents got this for us, and we have been extremely impressed and thankful that we don't have to spend millions on the large jugs of water that only last every few days or so. We also got free sport water bottles that filter upon sucking the straw...these were a great help on our trip to Southern Mexico and Guatemala.


Pecks Place said...

Your trip pictures are beautiful!! Thank the Lord for a safe return. I know you will enjoy your own beds. Hope you all are feeling better.

Anonymous said...


Crystal Mason said...

Sorry ~ I tend to be a little sarcastic at times!!! Try, hundreds!