Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trip Pictures - Part 1

Monday p.m./Tuesday a.m. ~ We finally left Salamanca around 1:00 in the afternoon and drove to Orizaba, Mexico. We had lots of fun giving Philip a hard time about directions, etc...meaning, we ended up spending a little extra time driving around/through Mexico City. And then...we drove around Orizaba a little bit trying to find the people's house where we were staying that night (and you can't imagine why it took so long, can you??!!). Our arrival time was around 10:30 that night.

Talking outside our hosts house before we left around 6 something in the morning.

Our hosts and some of our crew. (Philip & I were taking pictures)

For so early in the morning, the kids are ready to go!

A beautiful snow-capped mountain outside of Orizaba. Collette and I pestered Philip to pull over alongside the highway so we could snap pictures...and then they didn't turn out as clear as we wanted. Oh well!

Beautiful sunrise.


Michelle Durkee said...

No, Philip did not get lost did he? He never gets lost. He is so good with directions on road trips:)
Joking aside, you are all in my prayers. Hope that you are doing great and enjoying yourselves. I miss everyone. Tell the entire traveling crew "HI" from me.


sankey family said...

Yes, I'll check in - Philip is great with directions. Love his GPS named "Collette". Just had to say that Philip as pay back for all the chicken and rice comments!! Love you guys, Philip and Collette...

Crystal, thanks for the travelogue and pictures - Love seeing where you are. Your trip sounds great - hope you have a safe and profitable time.

Strings said...

beautiful pics, as always! What kind of camera do u have?? Are u guys voting by absentee?

collette said...

Melody & Michelle...thanks for the moral support. It means so much! Michelle, you know how much time we would have saved on our way to the airport that day if you-know-who had just listened....

Oh well, life would be pretty boring if we never livened it up like this. Take care, both of you!